Why Massaya

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Make yourself known

You can expand your customer base while working. No need to spend unpaid hours doing promotion.

No more lost time

Fill your schedule of the week. Log in any time to receive massage requests.

Increase your income

Make your passion a successful business! Massaya offers the best massage income in the industry. For one hour of massage the income is  60$ and more.

Your security is our priority!

We ensure the identity of each client before the massage. You will also review each client on Massaya. In this way, we ensure a reliable and pleasant clientele.

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We pay operating costs

We cover the costs of payments, appointment software and marketing. You will be able to concentrate on the most important, the massage.

You have experience, a passion for well-being and you want to earn more money? You will love working with Massaya.

Got questions?

Frequently asked questions

First, an algorithm selects the massage therapist best suited to the client’s choice while taking into account the distance of the massage therapist. If no massage therapist corresponding to the client’s request is nearby, the massage will be exposed in the ‘massage request’ section. The message will be accessible to all massage therapists and you can select it if you wish to do it.

The algorithm is designed to optimize the quality of service offered to the client while reducing the distance between the client and massage therapist.

Yes. Each massage therapist chooses the maximum distance he / she is willing to travel. A massage therapist can even specify its mode of transport so that it is taken into account during the distribution of a massage.

Massaya gives the massage therapists the opportunity to work whenever they want with a better remuneration by massage while reducing their operating costs.

Every Thursday you will receive the money earned during the week by bank transfer.

The basic income is 60$ per one-hour massage and can go up to 90$ per massage depending on your experience, your qualifications and your popularity to our clientele.

Yes! You can give the hours you want to work at a time that suits you. With Massaya, there is no obligation.

Yes. Many of our clients request an insurance receipt.

Yes. When you receive the application you will have a lapse of time to accept or refuse it.

Any questions?

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